My Home Job Search Review

Welcome to Home Job Search Review. Below, I will share my opinion and experience regarding My Home Job Search letting you know whether I think it’s a scam or not.

My Home Job Search – What is it?

In short, you enter you zip code onto their website and they will try and match you will jobs. I don’t actually think the jobs that it finds are legit, as no matter what zip code you enter, you always find the exact same job offers.

How it works

Once you’ve entered your zip code and seen the results, it takes you to a video presentation page where it asks you to pay a fee. The “fee” is not a guarantee that it will actually find you work/jobs but more of a “guide” showing you how to apply etc. Is it worth it? I don’t think so.

If you don’t want to pay, you get access to the “free” members area which is basically a bunch of links to affiliate offers which say they will get you paid for doing things on social media etc. I’ve looked into these products and they don’t get good reviews, so I wouldn’t advise it.


  • Could potentially help you get a job?


  • Asks you to pay
  • Links to affiliate offers designed as job opportunities

My Home Job Search Review – Verdict & Conclusion

If you’re bored and have some extra cash lying around, give it a shot….but don’t expect much. Personally,  I think this is preying on vulnerable people who are actually looking for legitimate work. Most of the membership area is a just link to other opportunities which you need to pay for. For this reason I will not be recommending this to you at this stage.

Digital Altitude Review – Is Aspire a SCAM?

Digital Altitude Review – Why I Quit

Welcome to my review – below I will be sharing the reasons why I decided to stop promoting Digital Altitude’s Aspire business system.

This is not intended to “bash” or portray Digital Altitude in a negative light. At the end of the day, a review is essentially an opinion, and it’s my opinion that DA is just not worth it (for me at least).

I’d also like to point out right away that Digital Altitude is not a “scam” – that word gets thrown around way to easily in this industry. If you join something and don’t make any money, it doesn’t mean it’s a scam, just like when you join then start getting pitched up-sells doesn’t make something a scam (that’s business). So keep that in mind when you see people claiming it be a scam when it actually isn’t.

It’s not a pyramid scheme either, it’s a tiered affiliate program.

Why I decided to “Quit”

I’m far from a beginner or newbie. In fact, I’ve built multiple six-figure businesses promoting similar opportunities.

The problem I’ve had, is that DA just doesn’t convert like those other opportunities that I’ve promoted.

The first time I saw the sales video, I thought it was a funnel for MOBE (My Online Business Empire), later I realized it was a totally separate system, so I decided to join as MOBE/MTTB was one of the systems I’d promoted in the past.

With a similar set-up, phone coaching/sales, licensing rights etc I thought I was onto another winner, however that couldn’t be further from the truth.

“ License The Most Profitable Products & Proven Systems Online”

When I first joined, I was sending traffic straight the sales page provided – it’s essentially part of what you are paying for, the ability to leverage an existing, proven system.

Conversions were terrible. I’m talking literally a sale or two per thousand(s) of clicks.

Keep in mind I was promoting to a range of people:-

• “Semi Warm” market – people who had joined me in Empower Network,iPAS,MOBE/MTTB etc
• Solo Ads (cold traffic)
• Email Lists (cold traffic)

So, I wasn’t promoting to a warm market, but I was sending quality, targeted traffic. I thought it was just me…

…but it wasn’t. I later discovered (mainly through FaceBook) that other members were getting less than desirable results.

Mack saves the day….?

Luckily, around this time, a custom video sales letter was released by a guy named Mack, who I’m sure you’re probably away of.

I instantly started to use this VSL and the results were waayyyyyy better. Hats of to Mack for creating something that converted extremely well.

Which brings us to now – where more and more of these custom sales videos have and are being created/released.

But then I started to think.

Surely, this should be the job of Digital Altitude? I mean, it’s common knowledge that their systems don’t actually convert that well – and like I said before, that’s kind of what you’re paying for.

Luckily, I joined under Mack so I got his VSL for free – however, if you didn’t join him, you pay either monthly or a one time fee. The other funnels operate pretty much the same. Want to promote something that converts, pay us.

The sales started to pour in..

…but so did the cancelations and refunds. What about upgrades? Well, I put in over 150 people, and so far, I’ve had one upgrade to RISE (of which, I haven’t yet been paid because they are doing a payment plan).

The reason for the cancelations? In my opinion, it’s the way the system is set-up. When you join, your entire back office is locked until you contact your coach.

Good idea in theory, but when I first joined, it seemed like they were over-whelmed.

I mean, I had to wait five days after first speaking to my coach to get my second appointment.

I witnessed a saw people waiting for nearly two weeks in-between appointments. As you can imagine, people get bored, restless, simply forget and a million other reasons which led to them cancelling.

I heard that they took on some extra coaches, so maybe this has issue has been resolved (I also heard a few coaches quit, so there’s that). I don’t know, I can’t comment on it since I no longer promote Digital Altitude.

It’s also clear that some people don’t want to have to speak with someone before they can access their purchase.

I know that this is done to supposedly “qualify” your leads and make sure they are a good fit – but judging from the notes the coaches leave for you to read, they were taking on people they new would not be a fit, whether that be they would not be able to upgrade, or even, some, which would struggle to pay the monthly subscription.

“Sponsor Lock” & Getting Positioned

When you join Digital Altitude/Aspire you quickly learn about “sponsor lock” and why you need to get positioned at the top. This is common practice in this industry no doubt, but what I don’t like is the so called leaders telling you and their team to upgrade and get positioned when they most likely didn’t do so themselves.

If you didn’t know, most of the ‘leaders’ got “comped” at the highest level. It basically means they get upgraded to Apex for free – all they have to do is pay the affiliate fee each month, that’s it.

So yeah, you pay all the money to get positioned whilst they sit at the top and earn commissions on products they didn’t personally buy.

Also, a continuing from my conversion rant above, check out the following image:-

I’ve seen lots of posts like this in the FaceBook group (they usually don’t last long and get deleted) but what I thought was funny is here you have someone struggling due to low conversions, yet people in the comments suggest that she upgrades…

Digital Altitude

…yeah, because upgrading to higher levels will ensure better conversions….not.

So, there you have it!

There are more reasons as to why I “quit”, but I believe the above to be the more important.

If you do decide to join Digital Altitude, make sure you invest in a quality sales video (or make your own) along with custom capture pages and follow-ups, otherwise say goodbye to your money when you burn through it promoting low converting funnels.

Most people don’t know how to create their own funnels and follow-ups, which is a shame because Digital Altitude could have included training on how to do so as part of “Aspire” – leading to better conversions all round and more money being made for all.